How good are you at ‘Managing your finances & cashflow’?

My business other half Judith (Financially Savvy) Hamilton talked about this very thing in our Grow Her Business Training Membership Community.

We host 3 Learning Lounge sessions a month live for our members which are all recorded and saved in their dashboard to revisit as often as they like. All our sessions are to support women in business to increase their Sales & Profitability.

This is all part of a monthly membership fee of just £37 which to be honest we have been questioned are we pricing this right as each session alone would cost a lot more than that.

But we came into this with a very clear plan in who we wanted to help and how. We know there is a much needed space for business owners to access training that will help them increase their sales & profitability without breaking the bank.

Every session which is delivered live and recorded for our members is uploaded to their dashboard for them to revisit as often as they like as a member.

Since we launched in January this is what we have already – even in you join now you will have access to these sessions.

▶ Business Planning Session

▶Getting Clear on Your Clients Outcomes

▶Getting Clients from your website with Louise Maggs

▶Setting Your Prices

▶Managing your finances & cashflow

Every month we will be delivering 3 live sessions which will be recorded live with our members and added to your dashboard with templates to help you implement your actions.

We are offer 2 networking sessions a month to grow your network.

You can check us out here