2SummitUp it’s been an exciting week! I am now qualified as a Master Coach – in what you may ask…

  • Personal Performance Coaching
  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Accelerated Learning Coach

Whilst I am delighted with my recent achievement, and proud of myself for making the time to invest in my future, the truth is it sounds grand being a Master Coach, but unless I tell people about the benefits of what I do and why they might need me it’s not going to open doors. It’s like having a brand new shiny shop all stocked and ready to go, but leaving the lights off, not putting a sign up and keeping the door locked!

I have had a very productive week whilst I wait for the launch of my website. One of the things I have been writing is my training on the Perfect Pitch (whilst spending some time on my own of course) As part of my research I have been working with a few business people on their ‘Perfect Pitch’ which has been very helpful for both parties.

It’s understandable when we are passionate about what we do and we live and breathe it, that we fall into ‘our own language’ and we can see that glazed look appear before our eyes as people don’t fully grasp what we mean or what we offer.

I wanted to share with you some of my findings around the ‘Perfect Pitch’ which may or may not help you…

Common mistakes that we fall into in our Perfect Pitch…

  • Writing it in the words of an Expert (You) in your field – and not in the words a customer can relate to
  • We talk in services not in benefits to the potential customer
  • Not explaining when and why they would need our product or service
  • Not getting to the point quick enough and grabbing people’s attention
  • Trying to cover too much in one pitch – have different pitches for different services/products that you offer
  • Things to consider when writing your Pitch or 60 second commercial…
  • The BIGGER the problem you can solve for people the more they will ‘need’ your product/service
  • When you do your Pitch, you are not only doing it to one potential customer you are potentially delivering it to all their ‘contacts’ The majority of people will know someone who wants your product/service and will pass your details on – most people like to help others
  • How you deliver your pitch is as important as the content – people buy into people
  • Always have your contact details available so potential customers know where to find you when they ‘need’ you
  • Finally a great exercise is to try your pitch out on some of your friends who don’t really ‘get’ what you do and ask for feedback i.e. they relay back to you the benefits of your product and why they would need it – always interesting:)

I personally have never considered myself to be a sales person my philosophy has always been ‘I just explain to people the benefits of my products and why they would need them, and they choose to buy if its right for them’

Finally as I start to work on my own Perfect Pitch(s) for my new business I was thinking back to one of the best Pitches I ever heard. It was at the Ideal Homes Exhibition many years ago, my sister and I (both in sales at the time) were standing listening to a ‘demonstration’ of an all singing all dancing multi-functional vegetable shredder/chopper. We were so impressed we ‘needed’ it in our lives, so we stood in the queue with the other 40 people to buy it, after 5 minutes I said to my sister ‘I’ve got something that does all that already, I don’t really need another one’ she laughed and said ‘so have I’ as we walked away!

Yes we should never underestimate the power of the Perfect Pitch……to be continued!