You can’t be serious

I started a business because I know I can help people with xxxx and now I’ve got to learn about…

➡️How to create a business plan.

➡️How to find my ideal client

➡️Decide on my pricing

➡️Figure out the service’s my clients need

➡️Marketing my business

➡️Making Sales

➡️Making a profit

➡️Staying motivated

➡️Spending time in the right places

➡️Investing in the right help when you need it

And the list goes on doesn’t it???

There are so many things to think about when you start a business.

Some bits you’ll be good at others you’ll learn and some things you’ll get other people to do it for you.

Judith Hamilton and I started the Grow Her Business Online training membership because we wanted to provide live training and support to women in business.

For just £37 a month you’ll have access to past and future trainings.

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