There is so much more to a sale than the final transaction!

That statement brings good news, bad news and great news..

Good news first – it’s a positive thing that it doesn’t all fall on the final transaction and in fact it’s all about what we have done before that.

The bad news is there is more than one step along the way that we can lose people.

The great news is – when we know which steps we are missing or those that need ‘tweaking’ a bit then we can work on the solutions.

But let’s be clear here – we are not going to be right for everyone no matter how good our product or process is and we should be ok with that.

So, what about you are you clear on where people might be dropping out of your customer journey?

Is it time to revisit your steps or reframe your offerings if it’s a yes then take a look at my online programme.

It could be the step that makes all the difference.