Sales Pillar 3

Identifying your ideal clients isn’t as simple as we first think – there I’ve said it!

For some service based business owners it is 100% clear by the nature of the services they provide. For others it isn’t clear at all, because they could potentially help ‘everyone’.

The broader we are, the harder we make it for ourselves and therefore our ideal client to find us.

In here I give some pointers on how to get clear on it. It’s an action I’ve used many times myself and with my clients and what we are then basing our decisions on is fact rather than fiction.

Equally many of us have different ideal clients for different services we provide or change our ideal client along the way or uncover opportunities that we hadn’t thought of at the start of our journey

This isn’t a one size fits all thing, and for many of us it can time to get to our ideal client and that’s OK as long as we are moving forward.

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