We only know what we know…

What if the stuff we don’t know was going to make a huge difference to our business and lives?

I have a love learning some of the stuff I throw myself into isn’t going to change my life but it certainly brings me joy that’s for sure and I’m not going to stop that anytime soon.

But when it comes to business filling in the gaps is key to getting to our goals quicker. As a solution provider (one of my values and characteristics) I like to know what I’m missing and then decide on the action I’m going to take.

How about you?

We’ve all got gaps in our sales processes which effect our results and profitability but the question is how much is it impacting your business? It would be really beneficial to know what those gaps are and focus on them wouldn’t it?

Judith (Financially Savvy) Hamilton have created a Sales & Profitability Quiz that takes about 3 minutes to complete but could save you a lot of time, energy and money in the future.

Try it out and see what it throws up for you.