I’m always banging the drum about great questions give the best answers.

But here’s the thing the answers only become great answers when we listen to them and take action. We’ve all heard of the saying ‘if you don’t want to hear the answer then don’t ask the question’

But equally what about ‘don’t ask the question if you are not going to listen to the answer, take it onboard and take some action’

Personally I can think of a number of situations this applies to on a regular basis, one of them being during a Discovery Call. Like most of us who provide a service 10 people might be buying the same service but not for the same reasons. I’m hugely passionate about this and have written a 60 minute online programme that gives you the steps to Perfecting Your Discovery Call

For example when I work with my clients on a 121 basis it’s based on them and their business needs and it’s very much that a one size doesn’t fit all and it’s my job to understand what they are looking for and how I can help them.

The amazing Judith Hamilton – Profitability Coach and myself have created an Sales & Profitability Quiz created to help small business owners find some answers, they’ll identify the bits they are good at, what their missing and a results page which includes your scores in the following 5 categories but also some suggestions on what action you can take based on your answers.

  • Sales Performance
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Business Strategy
  • Forecasting & Cash Management
  • Profitability

Here’s the link to see how you measure up!

But remember the answers are only as good as the action you take when you’ve got them.

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