That’s it I’m giving up…

Have you every felt this way running your own business?

I’ve certainly had those moments particularly at the start of my entrepreneurial journey.

No-one or nothing quite prepares you for the leap into being a sole trader(or lone ranger!). The number of hats you wear is amazing

I was naive in so many ways and hugely prepared and equipped in others.

Actually I was so glad I was naive because add that to determination and my not afraid of hard work gene plus always prepared to find solutions it worked for me.

Why did naivety help me?

Because I didn’t have tons of preconceived ideas to sway me I worked on the basis I’ll find the way that works for me and my clients and kept focused on my vision and changed my route a number of times.

I realised quite quickly that our destination (vision) maybe set in stone but our route can be set in sand and we learn so much by actually getting going.

The toughest parts though for me was working on my own and I had great debates with myself haha and the other thing was the overwhelming feeling of not knowing who to listen to and what to do next.

There are so many well meant opinions and views that can seriously mash with your head.

Unfortunately some of those can lead us down holes or dead ends that lead nowhere – but do we learn from them? Yes I certainly did.

The reminder of we are not all heading to the same destination so staying in your lane and being true to yourself is massively important.

The point and anchor I hold onto though and urge others to do the same is ‘ get into the world of your buyer on a regular basis’ they’ve got all of your answers.

They are the reality check of your purpose, the measure of what you’re doing and the wisdom that you need to tap into.

If you’re not clear on who your buyers are I can help with that in just 4 questions.

So to wrap it up at the very least I hope my ramblings have given you some food for thought and some insight.

I’d love to hear your experience and learnings too.

And if you’re a women in business providing a service check out what we’ve created a brilliant Online Community that is going to support you with a lot of the above all in one place – check it out.