Who are you speaking to?

Depending on which word you emphasise more that question could be quite different couldn’t it?

But if you are a small business owner providing a service and you don’t know what your WHO stands for then your ideal clients will never find you.

Imagine wanting to buy a particular book and walking into a book store but it has no sections, no signposting and the owner saying…

‘Yes it’ll be in here somewhere – it might take you a while but it’s definitely here’

You’d literally walk out and find another store that was going to make the job a lot easier and quicker.

So for us as business owners the only way we can be clear in our messaging is when we are clear in our own minds who it is exactly we are helping.

And then we need to make it ultra clear in our communications/websites/messaging etc.

This is another one of the 4 pillars that you need to have in place when you start a business.

I’ll be sharing mini videos on the 4 pillars very soon – be sure to follow me on LinkedIn if you don’t want to miss them.