I get it – I hear it often ‘I didn’t start my own business to become a pushy salesperson’.


For many excellent people selling is their job, whether that be Sales Assistant, Sales Director, Sales Executive etc. But for those who own a business it’s one of the many hats that they wear and it’s a really important one at that.


I’ve been there and seen it from all sides and if I had to pinpoint the one big standout for me is the nos are more personal when it’s your own business. A lot of the time the pressures come from us and let’s be honest we can be pretty harsh on ourselves sometimes.


So where do you start when you are anxious about selling?


I’ve spent many years showing, sharing and training people to sell in a way that they and their (potential) customers find totally comfortable and is right for both parties. Does it take you out of your comfort zone – yes it might and that is where the magic happens.


I love it when a client tells me that I have helped them reframe sales. The fact that I get to help them turn their passion of helping others into sales is a real privilege for me.


So what actually is the definition of sales?


One definition  (I found it online as one of the many definitions) really doesn’t help the cause does it?


‘Selling is a transaction where a good or service is being exchanged for money. It also refers to the process of persuading a person or organization to buy something.’


The persuading word really doesn’t feel right does it on so many levels?


In reality we are helping people find solutions to a problem or a challenge they are facing. They are searching for outcomes and solutions and we may or may not be the person who can help them.


Whenever someone comes to us they are searching for something and they’ve found us whether that be by a referral our website or social media etc. Something we’ve said or done has resonated with how they are feeling and tapped into the outcomes they are looking for and they are reaching out for help.


Help is the keyword here. They are looking for help and you may have the solution they are looking for.


I’ve heard many times I was sold at and not listened to, so I walked away and went somewhere else.


But I’ve yet to hear of anyone complaining because they received too much help.


For a moment swap your hat to a buyers hat, you’ve been looking for something for a while you found a couple of people who could potentially help you. You arrange a call, you’ve got questions, that person was really helpful, wasn’t pushy and gave you best advice – would you feel valued, well informed and comfortable to move forward if it was right for you? Would you also want to share this great experience with others?

Highly likely on both counts.

If you are anxious about sales try this reframe.

  1. Remind yourself that all those who have reached out in someway are looking for helping and they think you might be the person to help them.
  2. Who have you helped recently and how did you help them (who has signed up for your services and what outcomes) – where will you find the people who are looking for the same help?
  3. How many people would you like to help each week? (How many meetings/calls/ etc do you need/want to make?)
  4. Remind yourself you are not making a sales call you are helping someone find solutions and outcomes that are causing them a problem.

If you need help, l can help you – just book a 30 minute no strings attached call and we can talk about your business and what solutions you are looking for right now.

It’s amazing what we can achieve in 30 minutes.