There are two sides to every story – the sellers and the buyers and I’ve added my thoughts too so make that 3 haha ‍♀️

➡ It’s your opportunity to understand your potential clients needs. It allows you to uncover the specific challenges, pain points, and goals of potential clients.

By asking the right questions and actively listening, you gain valuable insights into what matters most to them.

The key is asking great questions and LISTENING to the answers.

❌ One of the biggest frustrations of a potential client is not being listened to, being talked at and sold to based on little information or insight into their business.

‍Me – I get it – in our enthusiasm (and maybe some nerves) to help we can talk too much – we’ve all been there I certainly did when I started out. It’s a big no no – I think we’ve all been on the end of one of those calls at some point too!

➡It’s about building rapport – an effective discovery call helps establish a rapport and builds trust with potential clients. By showing genuine interest in their business and challenges, you create a positive impression and lay the groundwork for a strong relationship.

Building rapport and finding out if you are right for each other is hugely important it can be a showstopper but equally we are not right for everyone and everyone won’t be right for us.

❌ Another frustration of a potential client is not having your undivided attention on the call and getting the feeling they’re being rushed and again not listened to.

‍Me – Preparing for the call and getting some insight before about the potential client is key – so consider what information you get before the call i.e. website info, LinkedIn info etc. Be aware though the info isn’t to make assumptions about what they want it’s to give you an understanding and insights about their business.

➡It gives you the opportunity to provide the right solutions based on the information gathered during discovery call.

❌ The third big annoyance for a buyer is to be offered solutions without being fully listened to it goes back to being rushed and feeling that they are not being valued.

‍Me – I get it – you’re listening to the problems and your brain jumps into solution mode because you just want to help and you know you can. But if your providing solutions too early in the conversation you probably need a rethink on the structure of your call.

In summary the clue is in the word ‘Discovery Call’ it’s a call that helps us find out more about each other and if we are the right person to provide the help and a good fit for each other.

The great news is once you get it right you really enjoy them and feel relaxed it’s a win win.

How do I know what annoys potential buyers?

I did my research from all views and learnt from my own mistakes and I’m so passionate about it that I wrote a 60 minute training session on Perfecting Your Discovery Call it’s just $47 and once you’ve got it you can dip into it as many times as you like.

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