Do you ever feel you are busy doing all sorts of things but getting nowhere?

Yes, I do myself sometimes – you’ve got a huge list of things you could be doing but if it isn’t time specific it doesn’t feel like your greatest priority does it?

If we asked ourselves another question – ‘what does my business need right now?’ For example, if you need more clients which tasks on your to do list are going to make that happen? I know it maybe your least favourite task but that’s the way it goes.

We’ve all got the things that are nice to do –  I’m a real people person and I always plan in my nice to dos which  all involve other people around the other stuff it really works for me and keeps me focused.

But there is something else that keeps me on track. You may have also heard (one or twice haha)  I love a good process part of my processes is having the follow up calls in my calendar, what that call will contain and knowing what its purpose is and how it is going to help my client – so essentially it is something that helps all parties and builds rapport.

If that call wasn’t in my diary and part of my process could I miss it? – yes sure I could, I could put it off, forget about it or even just talk myself out of it and do something else on my list.

The even more important issue here is that it would impact our business on so many levels.  We’ve all been on the end of a ‘I’ll give you a call in a week or so’ or ‘I’ll get back to you’ and we are still waiting for ‘the call’ or information. We don’t hang around now we move on to someone else.

One of the biggest areas of losing sales sits within the follow up or lack of it. In fact the statistics show that 80% of enquiries require 5 follow ups, and in reality 44% of business owners give up after one follow-up.

As we are all potential buyers of something have you received an email from someone who has kept in touch and you thought it was perfect timing, I am now ready and I’m glad you reminded me. I certainly have because timing is everything as a buyer isn’t it? Which is why keeping in touch is so important. When our client is ready we want it to be us they think of.

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