I’m sorry I’d like to complain…

‘You’ve been far to helpful and I’m not happy about it’

Said no one ever…

Many of my clients past and present talked freely about feeling uncomfortable with selling their services. Yet when we turned that into how do you help people all that awkwardness disappeared and was replaced with enthusiasm and passion for what they do.

Reframing is a conscious thing at the outside anyway (I’m talking sales here and certainly not an expert in other fields)

Sharing stories of who you are helping and how is a great way of letting people know exactly what you do. It gives people context and a greater understanding who you work with and how you help.

Our buying brain works so quickly if we can’t relate to something and it is not something we need in our world we move on quickly. Which is why as the ‘seller’ or should I say ‘helper!’ we need to be ultra clear on who WE are helping.

Twice in the last week I talked to 2 business owners about reframing selling.

I referenced something that I used many times in my business when people said I just don’t want to bother people and become annoying.

Great to hear but put yourself in a buyers world here.

Think of a company that you have done or do business with now who you’ve had a great experience with and they introduced a great new offer/package or programme that would be really useful to you and they didn’t tell you how would you feel about that?

By not letting people know we are taking away their choices and options which doesn’t sit comfortably either does it?

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