Isn’t that what you do when life throws lemons – or so the saying goes.

It would be fair to say there are alot of people making lemonade at the moment.

I ended up going to hospital last week and I have pleurisy (improving every day thankfully) but it really forced me to stop and do nothing.

So I’ve had to push the launch of my LI group for Coaches back a bit – it was my deadline to change so not a problem. I had to rearrange some meetings (thank you for your understanding)

My to do list is still there ready to work on at my own slow pace this week and I’m really looking forward to getting going on it. Making lemonade isn’t on the list!

What my enforced time off has given me though was thinking time (in between watching the whole of Wallander on Netflix) and then moving onto The Durrells!

My enforced down time allowed me to think about where I’m going and how I’m going to get there. What’s important and what isn’t and yes my notepad may have appeared at some point over the weekend.

I even gave some more thought to an app idea thats been rolling around my head.

Just like the lemonade it’s been bitter sweet.

What have you gained by some enforced downtime I’d love to hear?