Who knew when they started a business that they would wear so many hats and need to learn so much stuff?

We only know what we know – so what about all the other stuff we need to know to make it all work?

Social media, sales stuff, blogs, GDPR the list is endless. The fear of failure can certainly make an appearance too.

In the Make It Happen Hub Gayle Tong and I have a weekly guest speaker who is an expert in their field who is going to give us 3 takeaways to help us in our business. Even better our members will have a say in the topics we focus on.

Add to that you get to share your weekly wins and wants with the rest of the group who will support you to Make It Happen.

Of course you are going to make some great connections too.

If this feels like a win, and you want to find out more to Make It Happen click the link below to do just that.

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