Do you ever look at the timelines of your work life journey?

I’ve never done it before but found it to be a really good exercise ☺️

At 21 I worked for a major bank I laughed alot I learnt how to play table tennis and even won a trophy haha. For 3 years I was a regional trainer travelling around the area and it was there I met my husband and we’ve been married 35 years now.

At 31 we had our first child who is now a maths teacher with 2 gorgeous boys. I was a stay at home mum and joined a network marketing company for extra money. Our son who now works for a company who supports autistic adults arrived a few years later (very proud of my children)

At 41 I had grown a large team I’d won my first 3 trips and my business had hit a million turnover I was focused on helping my team achieve their goals.

At 44 I’d lost both my parents and my business had hit the £2million turnover mark and we were enjoying travelling as a family making memories.

At 48 I became the first in the company to hit £4 million turnover and the first to achieve 1000 team members.

At 52 I walked away and left it all behind armed with a ton of life changing memories and huge amounts of experience that would take me on the next part of life’s journey and beyond.

My next step was taking a northern then national sales manager role. It armed me with tons more experience and I got the bug for standing on stage presenting(not bad for someone who used to blush at the slightest bit of attention).

So now to current day I knew 15 years ago what I wanted for this part of my journey.

I came into coaching and training small businesses because I absolutely love helping people achieve their goals and aspirations and in some way make a difference. I love asking those questions that get people to think differently.

But wow was it tough at the start even armed with a huge amount experience working by yourself brings its challenges.

What it means now of course I’ve added everything I’ve learned over the past 5 years to my tool bag actually its more of a Mary Poppins bag haha.

My work life balance now is better than its ever been because it’s a priority to me.

I’ve worked on my services and finally feel the combination is right for me and my clients.

What prompted this post? Which was very cathartic for me btw haha.

It was a brilliant course I went on with Ian Brodie on email marketing Ian spoke about our stories and how powerful they are.

Without doubt our journey shapes us and I have a few more things on the horizon.

I guess there will be surprises in my timelines for some. If you’d love to share yours I love to see it.

If you looking for help and support on your journey and you think I might be the right person for you then we can book an exploratory call and we can find out if we are right for each other.