I believe that no matter where we are on our journey or indeed which journey we are on we all need help along the way – the biggest obstacle can be knowing what help we need. I have been talking to many new businesses owners recently, and we all have one thing in common,  which is of course, we are hugely passionate about what we do, whether that comes from something we know we are good at, or we saw a ‘need’ for our product or service, we all made a decision to start a business. We are experts in our product or service but not necessarily an expert in all the other skills, and why would we be?

The great news is there is so much help out there we just need to reach out and find it. I have been fortunate and I have had some great guidance, and I will continue to do so – I do have a love of learning, and its fair to say I find some things easier to learn than others!

There are of course different types of help and support that we can get, depending on our personal needs – whether that be training courses, workshops or online training. Additionally for many finding  a business coach or mentor is they believe the key to success of their personal development. Whether you are in a corporate world or a business owner, there is the right coach for you which is absolutely key.

I am enjoying my journey of discovery as much as I am enjoying supporting others on their journey!

I believe we all have the answers within us, we just need the right person to ask the questions’