I’ve created a FREE audio 10 minute audio book for Coaches & Service Based Business Owners.

So many new businesses are popping up around us now so it feels it’s a good time to share the link again.

I don’t think most of us realised that when we start a business we wear so many different hats.

Some of them we wear well and they fit us perfectly others don’t at all.

The thing I hear most is ‘yes I know I need to sell my services but I don’t want to be salesy.’

The great news is your potential clients don’t want you to be either.

There is so much more to a sale than the final transaction. This is good news, bad news and great news.

The good news is we are more in control of it than we think.

The bad news is that we can lose it in a number of places.

The great news once we know what you are missing we can do something about it.

I cover the steps you need to consider in this FREE audio book.

Here is the link check it out – did I say its FREE!