Have you ever lost it?

Let me set the scene…

You are great at what you do, you know your stuff inside out and you love helping people.

You know your ideal clients, how you help them, and what outcomes they are looking for you.

You’ve got a process set up that allows potential clients to book a call with you so you find out more about each other and if you are the right person to help them.

They’ve seen something they like, or they can resonate with and they want to pursue it further.

It’s exciting they’ve booked a call into your calendar.

Your check list pre that call should look something like this..

*You have a tried and tested format/flow for your exploratory call

*You sent something over before your session to find out more about what they are looking for (if appropriate)

*You are ready to lead the call and find out more about your potential client

*You’ve spent time looking at their business and preparing yourself for the call.

*You have got your factfinding questions all ready – you’ve tried and tested them and you know they are right for you and your potential client.

*You are ready to listen to the answers to those questions and be prepared with options to help – as long as you are the right person to do so (and only when you really know what they are looking for – no assumptions here!)

*You are clear on your next steps and follow up.


I know we have all been there, not quite as prepared as we should be, over enthusiastic even, not listening as much as we should in our haste to provide solutions. Absolutely in the early days I did this but everything is a learning curve isn’t it in business?

If you have more no responses than yeses to the above questions I can help with that in just 2 hours, you will walk away with a ton of yeses. If you are a coach or service based business just follow the link https://bit.ly/power-of-an-hour

However, I am creating a 2 hour workshop and I am looking for 8 people to be part of the beta launch at a discounted rate. If this appeals to you drop me a ‘yes’ and I’ll be in touch.

‘None of all have all the answers we just need to know who to ask!’