Why are you doing it?

I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I didn’t ask this question on a regular basis – in the nicest possible way of course haha.

My 121 clients are all solopreneurs, they provide a 121 service, time is money and they want to turn their love of helping people into a regular income.

Therefore where and what they spend their time on is hugely important.

So, absolutely as a small business myself we all need to question ourselves on a regular basis (or ask me for help )

✅ When you go networking is it to expand your circle and gain new clients? – (If it isn’t are you in the right groups, or is your messaging not clear enough?)

✅The new lead magnet you are creating which service does it lead to? (A lead magnet should be leading to a particular service you offer that helps you ideal client)

✅When was the last time someone signed up for your current lead magnets? Is that because you don’t share it or because you think it needs an upgrade?

✅Do you need to refresh what you are offering because what your clients need now looks different?

✅Your marketing (which can be one of our biggest time stealers) is it giving you the results you need/expected?

✅Are you spending your time in the right places? The facts will give you the answers – are you getting the results that you want/need?

✅Are you creating more and more things because you can or does your business really need them? (Less is more – we don’t need a huge amounts of offerings we just need to make what we have work for us)

To end on a huge positive here I 100% believe when we lift our lumpy carpet (aka do the above) and take a good look at what we are doing, question ourselves and look at what the results are telling us it can be a gamechanger.

No one wants to feel deflated and frustrated that they are working so hard but not seeing the results they hoped for and need do they?

If you need help you can book a Discovery Call and we can find out if I am the right person for you.